Friday, June 19, 2009

Food Fight II: Future War!

The wonderful thing posted above this text is today's strip. We wanted to put a larger version up as opposed to the one on the main website, view here We're working on making it so that you can click on the strip on the main site to see a larger version in cases like this where it's nice to have a bit of a larger view.

Anyway, this strip marks the second official "food fight" strip where we had some fun and pitted Apple and Banana against each other in some genre bending mortal combat. We are going to try and do this every 5 strips, may take us a while to get ahead enough to do this as these strips are usually a bit more labor intensive than the regular weeklies. These are a heck of a lot of fun to do though so we'll see what happens.

Below is a pencil drawing done for the first panel of today's strip.

Thanks for checking it out!!



  1. What do you use to color and draw the final panels? I would imagine some computer aid is involved???

  2. Yes, Mr. Jon Wood is in charge of putting the finishing touches on the art, it is done on the computer I believe using Flash and Photoshop...