Friday, June 5, 2009

Food Fight is served!!!

It's Friday again, where does the time go? Anyway, one good thing about rocketing through this mortal life at neck breaking speed is that Food Fight updates for you along the way. Check it out!:

In other news, Food Fight artists Jon Wood and Tom Travers hope to be attending the MOCCA Art Festival this weekend in Manhattan. Details here, We won't have a table or anything but we will be wondering around shamelessly passing out promotional cards at random to attendees. If you're attending and you spot one of us, mention the strip and Tom will do a sketch for you. See, I can make wacky promises/offers like this because the likelihood that someone who reads this blog will be at MOCCA, much less find Jon Wood or I is remote at best. Seriously though, we'd love to run into some fans. As of now, we'll be there for Sunday only. Should be fun!

Thanks for checking out the strip!


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